Azure Corporate Data Literacy Training

Leverage data in every segment of your organization to drive growth.

Today’s businesses are generating more and more data every day. And today’s business leaders want to use that data to make better decisions across the board.

By partnering with Redapt, you can have an experienced and trusted partner help you create a data-driven culture within your organization—not just in data science but in every segment of your business.

Why Redapt?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 25 years in the tech space, Redapt has extensive experience with data analytics and the Azure tech stack. Whether you’re just starting out with analytics or have recently migrated to Azure, Redapt can help you get the most from your enterprise data.


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    Data-driven culture

    Leverage insights from data in every segment of your organization to create better products, predict industry trends, and unlock actionable insights.

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    Fewer pain points

    Explore new ways to address the challenges and biggest roadblocks to company growth using data you already have.

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    More from your data

    Better understand what you can learn from your data and develop insights into patterns and anomalies that affect your business.

Package overview

  • Testing guidance

    We will assist you in establishing and successfully implementing A/B testing in your analytic initiatives.

  • Question framing

    Our experts will provide you with detailed guidance on how best to frame and ask analytics questions so your data scientists can more easily provide answers.

  • Workflows

    We will work with you to put in place processes and workflows that encourage team members to embrace the opportunities from data regardless of their level within the organization.

  • Azure tools training

    We will fully train you on the implementation of usage of Azure analytics tools, including Power BI, Power BI analytics, and Data Set design.

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