Azure VMware Solution Assessment

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) leverages native VMware technology backed by the reliability and scalability of Azure, allowing for continuous scale and fast provisioning of VMware workloads on global Azure infrastructure.

During Redapt’s Azure VMware Solution Assessment, our experts will work with your team to gather future requirements and understanding of the current VMware environment. We will then use this information to provide you with a cost analysis for an Azure VMware Solutions, options for remote connectivity, and recommend a Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy.


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    Predictable costs

    You will make the move to Azure with the help of a thorough cost analysis for operating in Azure VMware Solution.
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    Retained VMware investment

    Keep your investment in VMware relevant and your trusted VMware teams in place.
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    Improved performance

    AVS utilizes the best of VMware resource efficiency, and the global reach of Azure, Windows, and SQL Server savings for unbeatable platform cost and performance.

Package overview

  • Discovery
    Redapt experts will identify VMware servers in scope and collect all relevant information, understand your current networking management and remote connectivity requirements for Azure VMware Solutions, and assess your current Backup and Discovery Recovery and dependencies.
  • Cost analysis
    We will provide you with a thorough cost analysis for operating in Azure VMware Solution.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery strategy
    We will deliver a full plan for a Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy utilizing Azure VMware Solution.
  • Network overview
    We will provide you with a high-level network overview and connectivity to Azure for Azure VMware Solution, as well as assistance reviewing an Azure VMware Solution scope of work.

Get started with Azure VMware Solution Assessment

Adopt Azure without sacrificing your existing VMware investments and valuable VMware team.

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