Container Cost Optimization with AWS and AMD

With our Container Cost Optimization with AWS and AMD offering, you can dramatically reduce your cloud costs through specific strategies related to hardware selection, purchase options, scaling techniques, and observability enhancements.

AMD EPYC processors are the most energy-efficient x86 CPU on the market, using upwards of 30% less power compared to comparable hardware.

Additionally, AWS EC2 instances using EPYC processors deliver faster application performance and time to solve, and both application and instance size compatibility make migration easier at reduced risk. 


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    Reduced Cost

    Cut down how much you spend on your cloud infrastructure by as much as 70% by fully optimizing your environments.
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    Resiliency and Performance

    Efficient auto-scaling allocates resources to optimize costs while maintaining optimal performance. AIOps-driven insights combine data from metrics, events, logs, and traces (ME LT) and apply AI-generated baselines to reduce mean time to identify (MTTI), mean time to detect (MTTD)and mean time to resolve (MTTR).
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    Improved Sustainability

    Optimizing your container environments greatly reduces the use of resources, making you 3.6x more energy efficient and reducing your carbon footprint by up to 88% compared to traditional enterprise datacenters.

Package overview

  • Optimization Strategy
    Redapt experts will provide you with comprehensive strategies tailored to optimize container deployments across your AWS portfolio. These strategies include AMD hardware, purchase options, scaling techniques (node, HPA, VPA, etc.), and observability enhancements.
  • Business Alignment
    Our custom maturity model, the Redapt Technology Evolution Playbook (RTEP), combines people, process, technology, and business priorities to provide flexible tools for optimizing your cloud to align with your business needs at reduced costs.
  • Reserved Instances
    Our managed reserved instance (RI) program utilizes machine learning to guarantee 95% utilization and achieve 30% MRC savings on average. This program only requires a 60-day contract, allowing you to optimize for cost-efficiency without long-term obligations.

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