Containers and Kubernetes

Adopt cloud-native technology and reach new levels of innovation, performance, and reliability. Partner with Redapt to modernize applications and infrastructure using the latest cloud-native architectural patterns and technologies.


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    Overcome Modernization Hurdles

    Migrating from legacy architectures to cloud native has its unique hurdles, and Redapt can help you overcome them with a plan and expertise to streamline your transition.
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    Engineering Evolution

    Going cloud native allows your engineers to spend more time innovating by automating manual processes like building development environments and deploying secure code.
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    Portability Across Datacenters and the Cloud

    Easily deploy applications across datacenters and cloud providers with the help of Redapt's tools and professionals. We offer strategies and automation tools for deployments with a need for extensive configuration changes.
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    Automatic Scaling

    Automate efficient use of cloud resources by scaling applications as demand fluctuates without affecting user performance and productivity.

Package overview

  • Assess Application Architecture
    Before re-architecting your applications, Redapt's team of professionals assess your portfolio and determine the best strategy and roadmap to modernize current systems into high-performance infrastructure that can improve business revenue.
  • Deploy Cloud-Native Environment
    With a roadmap in place, our team builds your infrastructure so that it is cloud-native ready and your applications are modernized and deployed to help your business achieve better product innovation and revenue.
  • Production-Ready Design
    Your modernized cloud-native applications are production-ready and your DevOps team can continue developing and deploying application innovation
  • Knowledge Transfer and Training
    After we've helped deploy your cloud-native application, Redapt transfers knowledge to developers and operations staff so that they can support it going forward.

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