DevSecOps Adoption Package

Implement security best practices and reveal potential vulnerabilities much earlier in the software development process by adopting DevSecOps.


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    Reduced time to market

    Automate security tests throughout the development process to limit human errors and dramatically reduce security assessments to avoid bottlenecks.
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    Improved regulatory compliance

    Easily implement professional security practices and technologies, automate security checks against industry standards, and identify data protection and security requirements within systems.
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    Earlier detection

    Catch vulnerabilities earlier in the development process by focusing on security controls throughout rather than after software has been deployed.
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    Security training

    DevSecOps trains development teams to be more conscious of security best practices, resulting in their ability to be much more proactive in identifying potential issues in code, modules, or other technologies.

Package overview

  • Code analysis
    Redapt experts will investigate the source code of your applications to identify and get rid of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Change management tools
    We will implement change management tools to track, manage, and report changes to software during the development process.
  • Compliance management
    We will help you adopt proper compliance management to ensure your software meets regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, FedRamp, and PCI.
  • Threat modeling & security training
    We will conduct threat modeling to predict security issues that may arise before and after you deploy an application. Additionally, our security experts will fully train your software developers and operations teams so they can follow DevSecOps best practices going forward.

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