DevSecOps Package

Transform the way your organization keeps your data and applications secure with modern security practices.

Watch DevSecOps with SUSE NeuVector video here to learn how you can use the Redapt Tech Evolution Playbook and the power of SUSE NeuVector to greatly reduce your risk of a breach.


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    Improved security

    Improve the collaboration between your development and operations teams to infuse security practices much earlier in the development cycle.
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    Accelerated development

    Ensure your applications won’t be pulled or held from release due to a data breach being discovered too late in the process.
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    Powerful tools

    Greatly strengthen your security posture by utilizing NeuVector, a single tool for node scanning, container scanning, admission control alerts, network behavior violation alerts, and zero-trust security policy as code rules.

Package overview

  • Assessment

    Redapt experts will thoroughly assess your organization’s current security posture and practices.

  • DevSecOps enablement
    We will work with your teams to help you efficiently adopt DevSecOps practices, including changes to your development cycle and internal culture.
  • NeuVector implementation
    We will integrate NeuVector in your tech stack and complete a knowledge transfer about how to use it following best practices.

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Put modern security practices to work for safer operations and faster development.

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