AWS EBA Migration Solution Package

It is common for organizations adopting the cloud to become stalled after conducting the initial readiness assessment phase. The AWS Experience Based Acceleration (EBA) program is designed to help break through roadblocks and accelerate full-on adoption.


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    Rapid value & transformation

    Greatly accelerate your organization’s migration process without overtaxing your teams.
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    Organizational agreement

    Drive decisions with the involvement of all stakeholders to fully achieve cloud adoption.
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    Learning while doing

    Provide your teams with hands-on experience to ensure you have the capabilities to build upon your cloud journey.

Package overview

  • Creating organizational capabilities
    Redapt experts will work with your teams to break down silos, address leadership blockers, and develop self-sustainable working models.
  • Accelerating delivery of results
    We will help you identify key factors that impede adoption, align stakeholders, and speed up your decision-making and transition from analysis to action.
  • Hands-on training
    We will work with you to build and simplify processes that create collaborative cross-functional teams.

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