The Tech Evolution Workshop

Prepare your organization for the latest technology with a 6-week consultation with Redapt experts.


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    1. Understanding the business case for technology adoption

    Following the 6-week workshop, your teams will have a deeper understanding of how various technologies can benefit core goals, beginning with an initial business case.

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    2. Repeatable framework

    During the workshop, we will help you construct a repeatable framework for managing your technical evolution going forward with other technologies.

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    3. Organizational alignment

    The workshop will help create better alignment between your business unit and technology teams when it comes to adopting new technologies to meet your goals.

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    4. Cost savings and technical debt

    Our experts will help you understand where your company is over-invested in technology and what technical debt you currently have, as well as assist you in correcting these problems.

Package overview

  • 1. Gather business objectives

    Working with your teams, we will help you identify your business objectives, and define the scope and value from your investment in technological solutions.

  • 2. Maturity assessment

    Our experts will lay out your current preparedness to adopt new technologies, beginning with those that will directly impact your business objectives.

  • 3. Gap analysis

    We will take a deep dive into your current technologies to pinpoint where they can be improved to meet the needs of your business.

  • 4. Project charter

    Our team will define and build a roadmap for your organization to increase your overall technical maturity.

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