VMware Application Modernization & Migration Offering

With the recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, navigating the future of your applications can be uncertain. Our Application Modernization and Migration offering provides a comprehensive solution to help you seamlessly transition your applications to a modern, future-proof environment. Our team of certified experts will guide you through every step of the process, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.


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    Reduced Risk & Complexity

    Minimize downtime and disruption during migration with proven methodology and expert guidance.
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    Improved Performance & Scalability

    Modernize your applications for faster response times and increased capacity to handle growing demands.
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    Enhanced Agility & Innovation

    Unlock the flexibility to adapt to future technologies and accelerate innovation with a modern application portfolio.
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    Reduced Costs & Increased ROI

    Lower your IT infrastructure expenses and maximize the return on your application investments.

Package overview

  • Assessment & Planning
    Gain a clear understanding of your application portfolio, identify modernization opportunities, and develop a customized migration roadmap.
  • Lift & Shift
    Efficiently migrate your existing applications to a new infrastructure with minimal code changes, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Modernize and Deplatform
    Refactor and re-architect your applications to leverage containerization and microservices for improved scalability and agility.
  • Cloud Optimization
    Design and implement a cloud-native strategy for your applications, taking full advantage of the benefits of cloud scalability and elasticity.

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