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As an Advanced Intel Platinum Partner, we help enterprises with multi-cloud datacenter solutions and cloud-native enablement.

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Our team of experts has the capabilities and expertise to help modernize your enterprise infrastructure to drive efficiency and organizational performance.

As an Advanced Intel Platinum Partner, we are instrumental in enabling enterprise and hyperscale companies with turn-key datacenter infrastructure and emerging technology adoption.

We excel at system integration of datacenter and enterprise infrastructure, cloud-native adoption, and workload performance optimization.

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System integration

Redapt provides end-to-end system integration services that deliver turn-key datacenter infrastructure by the rack.

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Datacenter solution

Whether your enterprise needs multi-cloud or on-premises cloud-native infrastructure, or high performance data storage and networks to support AI/ML workloads, we can help you find the right Intel solutions.

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Value engineering

No matter the challenge, our data engineers can build you the right solution to meet your workload performance and IT budget needs.

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Success Stories

Deploying Datacenter Infrastructure at Scale for a Major SaaS Provider

To exceed its application performance standards, a publicly traded SaaS client relies on dedicated datacenter infrastructure. To keep pace with global growth, it turned to Redapt for datacenter hardware, rack integration services, and international transportation logistics.

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White Paper

Taking the Leap with On-Premises or Co-Location Datacenters

In this whitepaper, we’re taking a look at this growing trend. Specifically, we will be examining and explaining:

• Why companies are going the on-premises or co-location route

• Considerations before building your own datacenter infrastructure

• What goes into on-premises or co-location datacenters


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