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A Big Thanks to CIO Review

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on November 25, 2021 | Posted in News, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We’re both excited and honored that Redapt has been named one of this year’s “Most Promising AWS Solution Providers” by CIO Review.

In their announcement about us and our work (which you can read below), the industry publication called us the perfect partner to accelerate business growth with AWS.

Thank you CIO Review for the award, and another thank you to AWS for being such an amazing partner all these years.

— David Cantu, Redapt Co-founder

Founded in 1996, Redapt is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner that helps clients navigate through the dynamic technical environment by offering end-to-end technology solutions. The company has architected a technical maturity model that helps align business and technology leadership to accelerate business transformation. “This methodology allows us to understand business goals and develop a clear roadmap to get there.

As such, we can help clients select the right solutions to accelerate positive business outcomes,” says David Cantu, CMP, and Co-founder, Redapt. “We assist every client with the same level of efficiency—irrespective of whether they have a standard infrastructure, hybrid infrastructure, or cloud-only infrastructure.”

Redapt understands that every organization today needs to modernize its datacenter infrastructure to address their ever-evolving business needs. Subsequently, the company offers cloud adoption services to deliver cost-effective application and data migration services that incorporate best practices for security, governance, and architecture. Redapt also helps clients with their application modernization efforts to optimize their efficiency in a cloud environment and enable faster development cycles.

“We help our customers identify which applications in their portfolio will be more beneficial to their organization in the cloud,” — Nick Sutherland, Senior Director, Business Development, Redapt.

Not stopping there, Redapt provides data and analytics solutions to help customers get the most from data. This allows businesses to make data-based decisions and apply artificial intelligence to solve challenges. Lastly, through its managed services, the company ensures that clients’ cloud investment align with their vision, goals, and challenges. Its 24/7 ‘sustain and maintain’ services play a vital role in reducing downtime and costs. “Our managed services are extremely helpful for organizations that want to ensure they are getting the expected financial outcomes from their cloud investments,” adds Dustin Clarkson, Field CTO, Redapt. More importantly, Redapt always keeps in mind clients’ growing concerns about security.

With such a comprehensive set of solutions, Redapt has served thousands of clients over the years. For example, one of its clients, a leading SaaS provider, had over 3,000 servers in on-premises datacenters around the world. This infrastructure was supported by a team of less than 20 DevOps professionals. Owing to this, a robust infrastructure operations solution was needed to better manage workloads without incurring additional costs.

Working in liaison with the client, Redapt supported its cloud-first initiative to bring all on-premises servers into AWS, multiplying the client’s cloud footprint and implemented containerization to stream the management of workloads. In addition, the company leveraged its familiarity with AWS pricing and opportunities to substantially reduce cloud costs. The outcome of this partnership was intriguing, to say the least.

The migration and containerization allowed the client to consolidate workloads, ease the management of infrastructure, reduce operational costs in both compute and resources, and break free from datacenter/colocation obligations. In fact, the SaaS provider’s cloud cost was reduced almost by 34 percent. In 2020, as well, the client sought help from Redapt for the migration of thousands of workloads spread across ten worldwide datacenters to AWS.

“Beyond a full migration plan to take the contents of thousands of servers to AWS, we presented the company with a number of cost-savings options, including AWS Savings Plans, migration funding, the AWS MAP Program, and more,” adds Cantu. “The first phase of 1,000 servers have already been migrated to AWS, with a goal of 100 percent having been moved by the end of 2021.”

In a nutshell, AWS adoption has grown significantly the past few years, and the upcoming years will witness more companies moving toward the cloud. And Redapt checks all the right boxes to be the perfect partner for such migration journeys. “We are a nimble company. Our team always focuses on the end goal of a project and architects a solution accordingly to lead clients toward success,” Sutherland concludes.