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How Edge Is Driving Demand for System Integration Services

By David Cantu | Posted on March 26, 2021 | Posted in Dell EMC

The rise of edge computing that is, computing power that lives closer to the end-user is driving new ways for organizations to deliver the applications that power their business.


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The tradeoff with the edge, though, is the need to disperse critical infrastructure across multiple datacenters. 

Take retail, for example, where a company with hundreds of stores may need to update its infrastructure at each location as part of a technology modernization initiative.

Making that update can be a long and expensive process, depending on the company’s own capabilities with deploying new infrastructure. Consider some of the common hurdles that need to be cleared when deploying at the edge:

  • Hardware procurement that has been value-engineered to meet specific needs and considerations of edge infrastructure
  • Component logistics that requires building relationships with vendors
  • Skilled technicians for integration and deploying infrastructure at the edge
  • Configuration of edge devices and software integration
  • Ongoing maintenance of infrastructure deployed at sometimes hundreds of locations

woman-working-on-server-rackGetting past these hurdles requires a substantial amount of time and resources for organizations. Coordinating travel, dealing with supply chain delays, spending money on hardware that is forced to sit in storage until it can be deployed—each of these routine hiccups in infrastructure deployment adds costs.

The increased reliance on system integration services

Given the complexities organizations face when deploying new infrastructure at the edge, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are partnering with an integration services provider.

These providers can do more than help organizations save valuable time and resources. By managing the entire infrastructure deployment process, they can greatly simplify the process of application deployments, configuration management, and security across a large swath of locations.

server-app-settings-conntected-location-geopinHere at Redapt, in partnership with Dell EMC, our integration services are focused on providing organizations with turnkey solutions that can rapidly be deployed. This service includes:

  • Hardware procurement and testing to expedite the deployment of new hardware
  • Software installation and optimization to ensure edge solutions are production-ready quickly
  • Shipping and other logistics so that your new infrastructure is where it needs to be when it needs to be there
  • Guidance for the adoption of emerging technology platforms like Kubernetes that improve edge computing operations and reliability

As a result of this service, organizations are able to efficiently deploy the hardware they need without managing the process or building out their own capabilities. 

This translates into not just cost savings but peace of mind since the organizations know that trained experts are deploying new infrastructure at the edge using best practices when it comes to security.

Getting started with system integration services

If your organization routinely runs into delays when in the deployment of new infrastructure at the edge, partnering with the right system integration services provider can be the key to avoiding substantial costs without sacrificing speed and quality.

To learn more about system integration services and how you can place your organization in the best position to deploy high-quality, fully tested hardware at the edge or in your datacenter without overspending on time and resources, contact one of our experts today.

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