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Tech We Like: Tools for Data Migration to Google Cloud

By Christof von Rabenau | Posted on June 30, 2020 | Posted in Cloud Migration and Adoption, Tech We Like, Data Management and Analytics

Migrating your enterprise data to the cloud requires a solid roadmap. You need to know what you’re trying to achieve from your migration, what your data sets look like, and how you’re going to ensure governance and security once you’re in the cloud.

In this edition of Tech We Like, we’re looking at some of the technologies we often recommend for enterprises to make a smooth migration of their data and workloads from on premises to Google Cloud in a way that doesn’t break the bank.


BigQuery provides a serverless and highly scalable data warehouse and analytics platform to help you manage and increase productivity on your data.

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With machine learning capabilities built in, you have the ability to analyze petabytes of data using ANSI SQL while still maintaining proper governance and security of your information.


Another Google product, Dataflow, allows you to stream data analytics at an accelerated clip while enjoying nearly limitless capacity during spikes in workflows.

In addition, as a fully managed solution, Dataflow relieves the pain points of automating provisioning, autoscaling, and resource management—all in a single, cost-effective package.


Among the many data warehouse solutions available today, Snowflake stands out due to its flexibility. With this platform, analytics and budgeting are greatly simplified, and its unique architecture is designed to provide rapid insights into the relationship between your data.

Snowflake also provides per-second pricing, so you’re only stuck paying the tab for when you actually use the platform.


To quickly build custom OSS clusters on custom machines, it’s hard to beat Google’s Dataproc. With support for Spark, Hadoop, Presto, and more, you’re able to get autoscaling clusters up and running in around 90 seconds with encryption and unified security already in place.

Dataproc is also pay-by-use, allowing you to increase your data science capabilities on a budget.

These are just some of the robust tools available to make your migration to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) successful and cost effective. To learn more about how to build a modern data platform with Google Cloud’s solutions, read our free guide, Modernize & Thrive: How a Modern Data Architecture Can Transform and Elevate Your Business.

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Modernize & Thrive: How a Modern Data Architecture Can Transform and Elevate Your Business

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