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Why Your Organization Must Invest in Modern Datacenters

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on August 20, 2019 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure, Workplace Modernization

“IDC forecasts that the global data sphere will grow to 163ZB by 2025. [...] The influx of data presents both a challenge and an opportunity for organizations.” — IDC Technologies: Emerging Tech and Modern IT: The Key to Unlocking Your Data Capital

To put that into perspective, think of a gigabyte as a single marble. Then multiply that marble by a trillion. Then take those trillion marbles and duplicate them 162 more times.

This tsunami of data has the potential to be both a blessing and a curse. For some companies, all those ones and zeros will translate into substantial profits. For others, simply capturing, cleansing, and protecting even their relatively small share of all that data will be outright impossible.

The difference between these two? That’s how we classify data Survivors versus Thrivers.

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Thrivers vs. Survivors

The white paper outlines how successful companies are likely to be those already investing heavily in advanced data infrastructure. IDC describes these companies as “Thrivers,” while those already lagging when it comes to data infrastructure investment are mere “Survivors.”

While this “Survivors” designation may seem harsh, keep in mind that, for the white paper IDC examined a number of organizations in 2018 — which, as we’ve seen, is well before the coming flood of data. Even then, IDC found some stark differences between those investing in their data infrastructure and those behind the curve.

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These differences include:

  • Thrivers have been able to reduce operational costs by 2.7x more than Survivors
  • Thrivers are able to deliver new products and features 46% faster than Survivors
  • Thrivers are able to deliver new IT services 64% faster than Survivors

How To Become A Data Thriver


So, outside of the obvious benefits listed above, why is it critical for companies to invest in their data infrastructure? What, specifically, is it about modern datacenters that help make a company a Thriver?

To answer this, we need to first look at some of the capabilities modern datacenters provide. These include the ability to collect, cleanse, manage, and protect the massive amount of data necessary for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) technologies to be effective.

A modern data infrastructure also has the ability to quickly compartmentalize data from diverse resources, resulting in better real-time analysis and rapid response.

Plus, it offers streamlined resource management and data storage optimization, which makes it possible to break through silos and increase operational efficiencies — two things many companies struggle with.

Updating Your Datacenter

These are just some of the many capabilities modern datacenters can bring to a business. The question is, what’s the best way for a company to invest in its data infrastructure?

At Redapt, we believe any company can be a Thriver. We also believe simply throwing resources at your data infrastructure won’t do the job — in fact, it’ll probably do more harm than good.

When getting started with updating your datacenter, there are five questions we typically recommend our clients ask:

  1. What are the needs of your employees?
  2. What processes do you currently have in place?
  3. What tools are critical to your business and how can you marry them with a modern datacenter?
  4. How much are you prepared to spend on modernizing your data infrastructure?
  5. What value are you expecting from using a modern datacenter?

When we work with companies, we take a holistic approach to their needs. That means examining workflows and the current tools being employed by the company. It also means finding technology — equipment, software, or cloud services — that best fit a company’s needs going forward.

To learn more about how Redapt can help your company smartly invest in its data infrastructure, reach out and contact us today. You can also download our eBook: Unlocking the Potential of Modern Datacenters: Five Good Reasons Companies Should Invest in Their Data Infrastructure.

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