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Enabling Simpler Management and Maintenance Through a Migration to AWS

Posted on December 7, 2021 | Company location: US

When a Seattle-based poet wanted a cost-effective and easily managed online presence, Redapt partnered with her to move her website from WordPress to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In a nutshell ...

The problem

Sarah Jones, a Seattle-based poet, needed the ability to more easily manage and maintain her professional website. She was also concerned about rising costs and scalability as visitors to her site increased.

The solution

Redapt implemented a migration process to move Sarah’s existing data and content from where it was housed on CMS platform WordPress to a hosted solution with AWS.

The outcome

Now, not only is Sarah able to update the data on her website through AWS, but the entire site is now more responsive and scalable. The expense involved in hosting and managing her site is lower and, as it gains additional traffic, her savings will only increase.

Moment of clarity

Redapt pinpointed the fact that Lightsail, an app service on AWS, would be the best option for Sarah, as Lightsail manages hosting, in addition to any required updates. Redapt’s familiarity with the similar Azure app service site allowed for efficient and effective implementation of Lightsail.

What the company needed

As a multi-Pushcart Prize nominated poet whose work has been featured on NPR and in many journals and magazines, Sarah Jones was in need of a meaningful online presence that would promote her accomplishments without draining her of time and resources. While WordPress offered an initial home for her content, she knew the ability to more easily manage and maintain her website would be invaluable. Sarah also wondered whether other solutions might be more cost-effective and scalable.

Our recommendation

Redapt partnered with Sarah to develop an understanding of the aspects of her current website that weren’t meeting her needs and then evaluate potential solutions. AWS was identified as the best option for minimizing the time and effort required to maintain and manage the website, allowing Sarah the freedom to focus her energies elsewhere. Initially, the team at Redapt considered utilizing Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), a virtual machine on AWS. However, upon deeper investigation, Lightsail emerged as the best option to meet Sarah’s needs.

The end result

Sarah’s website was quickly and successfully migrated to its new home on AWS, where Sarah now has the ability to easily make updates and enter additional data through AWS.

  • Easier management and maintenance

    of hosting and updates, eliminating the need for additional labor.

  • Increased scalability and responsiveness

    of overall website.

  • Cost savings

    of current hosting and site but also as traffic continues to grow.

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