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Announcing Redapt's Strategic Acquisition of Prime Foray: A New Era of Growth and Opportunities

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on April 11, 2024 | Posted in News

Redapt is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Prime Foray, symbolizing our ambition and commitment to being a full-service technology solutions partner.

WOODINVILLE & BELLEVUE, WAApril 11, 2024 — Strategic acquisitions in technology solutions and partnerships pave the way for innovative growth and enhanced service offerings. Redapt is thrilled to announce a significant step in our journey. This March, Redapt acquired Prime Foray, a distinguished Microsoft MSP (Managed Service Provider) Expert. This strategic move symbolizes Redapt's ambition and commitment to being a full-service technology solutions partner. It begins a new chapter of comprehensive service offerings for our valued customers and a deeper relationship with our long-standing partner, Microsoft.



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A Thoughtful Announcement

The transaction, completed in mid-March, was approached with a strategy prioritizing transparency, trust, and strengthening relationships. Before making this exciting news public, we took the essential steps to communicate directly with our customers and Microsoft, ensuring that the foundation of our partnerships remains solid and informed. This careful approach underscores our commitment to business excellence, the value we place on our relationships, and the trust that has been placed in us.

Prime Foray and Microsoft MSP Expertise: Opening Doors to New Opportunities

Prime Foray stands out as a Microsoft MSP Expert, a recognition that speaks volumes about its expertise, reliability, and service quality. By bringing Prime Foray into the Redapt family, we are expanding our capabilities and opening the door to incredible opportunities for growth and innovation. The synergy between Redapt's robust service offerings and Prime Foray's specialized expertise in Microsoft technologies is poised to deliver unmatched value to our customers.

Enhancing Service Offerings: The Perfect Complement

The MSP offerings from Prime Foray are not just an addition to Redapt’s portfolio—they perfectly complement our existing services. This amalgamation is set to appeal to a wide range of Redapt's existing customers, offering them a broader spectrum of solutions that cater to their diverse needs. Whether it’s cloud solutions, data analytics, or custom application development, our combined strengths will enable us to serve our clients with an even greater depth of expertise and innovation.

Mutual Value and Future Engagements

The acquisition has been met with enthusiasm from Prime Foray’s customers, who see significant value in the full capabilities that Redapt offers. In anticipation of this, we have already initiated engagements to explore opportunities for optimizing cloud environments for performance and cost—a testament to the proactive and client-focused ethos that drives both Redapt and Prime Foray.

A Vision for the Future: Towards Being a Full-Service Technology Partner

This transaction is a critical milestone in Redapt's strategic plan for 2024, marking one of many acquisitions we aim to complete. Our goal is ambitious yet clear—to evolve into a full-service technology partner businesses can rely on for comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions. The acquisition of Prime Foray is a significant leap towards this goal, and we are excited about the possibilities.

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