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7 Must-Have Strengths For a Datacenter Solution Company (+ 5 best partners and integrators to consider)

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on August 10, 2023 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure,

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital era, the need for reliable datacenter infrastructure deployment solutions has reached unprecedented levels. Industry powerhouses like Microsoft, AWS, and Meta demonstrate remarkable efficiency by deploying datacenter infrastructure at scale. They have established dedicated teams that streamline the datacenter rack deployment process. 

As other organizations aspire to achieve similar heights, a strategic approach involves collaborating with specialized partners offering rack integration services. This collaboration can free you up to focus on innovating core offerings and driving more revenue for growth. With many providers vying for your attention, choosing the perfect partner for data center infrastructure integration can be daunting, even if you possess a firm grasp on effective vetting strategies. 

From value engineering, supply chain management, international logistics, and configuration automation to quality control, this post covers crucial aspects that aid in understanding your options and what qualities a partner should have to help you navigate the complexities of large-scale data center infrastructure deployments. We’ll also overview some top integrators and how they approach these key things to help identify your best fit.

The Value of Finding the Right Datacenter Solution Company 

A reliable datacenter solution company ensures maximum uptime and minimizes the risk of disruptions. These partners also often offer scalable solutions for resource utilization, minimizing the risk of failed integrations. 

Outsourcing is a cost-effective option for organizations who must deploy intermittently. This cost-effectiveness is especially effective for organizations with datacenter racks in multiple locations or across international borders.

The first step in enjoying these benefits is establishing great partner relationships. Large-scale deployments are complex and lengthy in duration. You must partner with a company invested in your success that deeply understands your goals and priorities. Investigate your potential partner’s background and experience to gauge their expertise and track record. 

Explore their services and any specialized solutions, assess their reputation and customer feedback, and verify compliance with industry standards and certifications to gauge performance and satisfaction levels. Your ideal partner should also have the technical knowledge of industry and OEM partnerships (Dell, HP, Arista, etc.) to reduce SKU costs to the component level. 

Hardware considerations should include understanding the data center infrastructure and technologies to ensure scalability and reliability. Check for infrastructure architecture to ensure optimal performance. Verify performance for all applications, data, and your end-users’ experience. Review the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to understand commitments regarding on-time delivery and issue resolution. Lastly, evaluate customer support channels and availability for timely assistance. 

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Must-Have Strengths For a Datacenter Solution Partner 

Examining specific areas for potential integration partners can help identify your best fit: value engineering, speed-to-market, and trustworthiness for partners.  Let’s dive into those three areas and how five top system integrators approach them.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is the process of optimizing the value of a product or service. Technology companies - like the partners below - typically approach value engineering by analyzing costs, performance, features, and benefits to create solutions that offer the best value to their customers. How a potential partner assesses these aspects helps you see how well they understand their customers' needs, pain points, and objectives. And how they might optimize your current approach to deliver more cost-effective and innovative solutions that meet or exceed those needs.


Staying competitive in today’s rapidly evolving market means guaranteeing speed-to-market. Top datacenter solution companies do this by focusing on efficient product development processes, continuous improvement, and agile methodologies like rapid prototyping, iterative development, and quick product releases. A partner using these processes can provide a much-needed competitive edge, letting you respond to market demands faster and reduce time-to-value for your customers.


You don’t want to work with a technology company you can’t trust. Make your potential partner prove their trustworthiness by executing on their promises and communicating clearly. You should pursue a partner who provides you with proper account and project management for consistent communication.

On-time delivery and consistent delivery are also essential. You need to know you’re partnering with a datacenter integrator you can count on. 

5 System Integrators to Consider 

1. CDW 

CDW is a cloud solutions provider that empowers enterprise-level organizations to adopt cloud-native best practices across platforms without vendor lock-in. Its data configuration and infrastructure services offer customers worry-free, full-stack design, orchestration, and management expertise.

2. World Wide Technologies 

World Wide Technologies (WWT) is a technology service provider that simplifies the digital transformation journey by aligning business with new technologies. Its digital, cloud, and datacenter services help WWT deliver outcomes and results for more than 80 of current Fortune 100 companies.

3. Computacenter

Computacenter sources, transforms and manages workplace, applications, and cloud & datacenter technologies. Speed-to-market, resilience, and a strong customer experience are three of Computacenter’s core pillars, empowering it to deliver cloud-based solutions for customers and 200+ partners.

4. Presidio 

Presidio Technology Solutions offers a broader range of cloud-based solutions, including application development, migration, analytics, and more, to help its customers deliver consumer-like services with minimal risk. With 55 locations, Presidio’s strong international presence makes it an ideal choice for global companies with varying compliance and regulatory requirements.

5. Redapt 

Redapt is an end-to-end technology provider that helps scale SaaS, hyperscale, or enterprise-level organizations that want to replicate how big industry players upgrade their hardware and deploy cloud-native applications without paying for solutions they don’t need. Redapt offers guaranteed delivery quality, or their integration services are entirely free. As an integrator, Redapt’s value engineering often uncovers configuration options that yield flexible, additional performance while reducing costs. This increases quality and speed-to-market when building POCs or automating configuration and testing.

Partner with Redapt

Competing with industry powerhouses like Microsoft, AWS, and Meta requires remarkable efficiency to deploy datacenter infrastructure at scale. If building a dedicated team to streamline your datacenter rack deployment process doesn't make business sense, collaborating with the right datacenter solution partner or integrator can free you up to focus on moving your business ahead.

Especially if you’re using a multi-vendor strategy, you need a partner to deliver increased responsiveness, guarantee delivery quality, and scale flexibility. Redapt’s end-to-end technology solutions optimize performance and reduce costs so you can focus on growth. 

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