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Helping You Navigate Technological Challenges

By Redapt | Posted on December 20, 2022 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure, DevOps, Data & Analytics, Cloud

Businesses must learn to leverage the latest technology to maintain a competitive advantage … or let the competition win. 

Unfortunately, you don’t always have the time, resources, or expertise to push the cutting edge on your own. You might not even know where that edge is.

That’s where Redapt comes in. We’re an end-to-end technology solutions provider that will help you navigate a dynamic technical environment, avoid obstacles, and accelerate growth. From bare-metal datacenter infrastructure to multi-cloud operations—and every application in between—we provide the thoughtful guidance, broad partner ecosystem, and experienced execution to help you scale.

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Our engagements start with you. Your initiatives. Your challenges. Your objectives. Your competition. From there, we work together building a plan that brings the right technology to bear, quickly, to keep you in front of the pack. Our Tech Evolution Playbook will even provide the roadmap needed to align teams to ensure success.

Why Redapt

In a world of consultants, we stand apart. From breadth of solutions to accountable execution, our sole goal is to cut through a noisy tech landscape to bring clarity and results that drive your business forward. We pair that with a focus not just on today’s needs but on future requirements so your organization is prepared to adapt and thrive.

No matter your enterprise IT needs, Redapt has you covered.

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Serious expertise

When it comes to technology, being a generalist will only get you so far. That’s why we bring specialist expertise to each field and engagement. Our team of technologists offers everything from strategic guidance to shirt-sleeves implementation, ensuring you get the right solution and smartest possible execution. Moreover, we deliver insight on trends and best practices from a broad range of partners and customer engagements, giving you the trusted outside perspective needed to deliver on internal initiatives.


Breakthrough solutions

Time is precious, which is why we offer a one-stop shop and global reach across 40 countries for IT hardware, integrated solutions, and consulting services. Simply put, Redapt has the expertise, methodology, and partners that will help you create world-class technology solutions. Here’s what we do:

  • Application modernization—You know you need to become cloud-forward, but can you pinpoint where your legacy portfolio must adapt? We help assess current systems, modernize development practices, and even provide the DevOps support to allow you to best leverage the speed and agility of the cloud.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)/Machine learning (ML)—AI and ML are revolutionizing business. We bring the enterprise infrastructure, data, model expertise, and business knowledge to help you harness insights, create new offerings, and improve the customer experience.
  • Cloud adoption—Ready to move to the cloud? Not sure whether cloud-first, hybrid, or multi-cloud is the best solution? We’ll help you assess, engineer, and implement a migration solution that keeps costs under control and cloud projects on track.
  • Data & analytics—Data should help you solve problems and make decisions. Redapt will ensure you correctly capture, categorize, and secure that data; implement the governance to democratize insights; and deliver the AI and analytics solutions that put your data to work.
  • DevOps—Uniting development and operations can improve agility and streamline application pipelines. We’ll help you identify the right tools, develop the stable processes, and build the internal teams that speed delivery and increase resilience. We will also work alongside existing teams to accelerate outcomes and transfer knowledge.

  • Enterprise infrastructure—The right datacenter infrastructure is critical to increased innovation. Redapt offers the engineering expertise and hardware solutions that will modernize IT systems and networks to ensure maximal performance at optimal cost.
  • Multi-cloud operations—Well-architected cloud solutions allow you to take advantage of all the available providers to increase your flexibility, performance, and resilience while decreasing costs. Use Redapt to help architect, procure, deploy, and monitor your multi-cloud solution, or select our managed cloud services to free up more time for your teams to be innovative.
  • Security/governance—Robust security and governance is paramount to decreasing cost and risk. We’ll help you assess and understand your current threat posture, ensure necessary compliance, and implement the correct cloud and data solutions to keep your systems safe.
  • Workplace modernization—Attracting and keeping the right talent requires the infrastructure necessary to power a modern workplace. Redapt offers the tools and automation for a flexible workforce, along with the continuity and security solutions to keep operations humming.

World-class partners

There’s a saying that you are the company you keep. Redapt maintains a deep partner ecosystem, both to ensure we have the solution you need and to be agnostic in crafting the right one. Our partners span the gamut across infrastructure, operations, cloud engineering, and business transformation.

We’re just getting started

Redapt is on a mission to deliver the transformative technologies customers need to lead their industries, and more than two decades in, it feels as though we’re just getting started. To see some of our latest implementations and insights, check out our blog or contact a representative today to learn how we can help you navigate a vibrant technical landscape.