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Integration Center Video Tour With Transcript

By Jason Zeng & Edward Egger | Posted on May 27, 2021 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure,

This post is a video and transcript featuring Redapt Senior Director and Practice Lead of Solutions Architects Jason Zeng and Director of Supply Chain and Operations Edward Egger.

HubSpot Video


Jason Zeng: When it comes to challenges that our customers are facing and why they are leveraging Redapt Integration Services, a lot of it is going to be organizational impacting. 

Time to value, supply chain, logistics in human capital, and human resources.

With regards to Redapt and how we package integration services, we provide a suite of services in this category—from providing staff augmentation with datacenter techs to full level rack integration from storage, compute, and networking, and putting all those components together into a rack and delivering these globally.

Edward Egger: To take all the major components, assemble them, cable the entire rack configuration in a fairly customized way, and then power the entire rack, run it through burn-in tests, configure it through our Forge core automation system. And then install the operating system, any other required settings that need to be configured across not only the servers, the switches, the PDUs—any other type of high-end or custom device in the build materials as well.

Jason Zeng: One of the key benefits our customers get with our integration services at the datacenter and edge level—for our customers who are deploying globally—is that they’re getting advanced engineering services that are both difficult but also commoditized, so they don’t have to expend the capital to do so internally.

Edward Egger: When it leaves our facility, and within a few days arrives at their facility, they’re prepared to deploy it rapidly.

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