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Rack Integration

Focus on creating better products and services for customers. Let Redapt manage the design, build, and deployment of the datacenter infrastructure you need—when and where you need it.

Solution Design that provides you with the performance requirements your applications need to scale your workloads.

Supply Chain Management
that procures and tracks components so you can invest time and resources on delivering products to your customers.

System Integration
from testing and physical racking to complete networking so you can hit the ground running with your new infrastructure.

Full Logistics Services
that take the headache out of deployment by delivering and installing your infrastructure at both domestic and international locations.


How to manage large-scale rack integration

A solid rack integration process is key to achieving infrastructure goals on-time, on-budget, and with high-quality.

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Solution Brief

Retail Edge

Retail edge is technology deployed directly to stores. This can include everything from point-of-sale and security devices, to inventory management systems and advanced tools like artificial intelligence that help dictate display locations.

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Solution Brief

Large Scale Deployments

Deploying infrastructure takes more than simply shipping hardware to a location—especially at scale. Rack design, solution architecture, supply chain management, and optimization and testing of hardware are all vital steps in order to make a deployment successful.


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Solution Brief

Geo Dispersed Datacenters

As the name implies, geo dispersed datacenters are enterprise hardware that are deployed in different locations. Some of those locations may be in the same region, and some may be deployed in separate countries. No matter where the datacenters are located, hardware needs to be deployed in a consistent and high-quality way to optimize operations.


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Solution Brief

ISV Server Appliance

Server appliances are tightly integrated systems with pre-installed ISV applications and software intended to be deployed as “plug in and go.” Among the benefits of server appliances is the relative ease and quick deployment of a homogenous ISV solution.


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Our technology partners

Creating best-in-class solutions takes best-in-class partnerships.


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Keep innovating while we manage integration

Redapt’s experience and approach ensure you’ll meet your infrastructure objectives while minimizing your effort.

Meet your business needs with a fully-designed, customized infrastructure

Our advanced engineering services will value-engineer a cost-effective datacenter infrastructure with the performance you need to run your applications and scale your workloads.

  • Customized compute nodes
  • Advanced software defined datacenter networks
  • Next-generation storage architecture
  • AI & ML infrastructure
  • BIOS and Firmware Specifications

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Maximize time savings by offloading supply chain oversight and management

We will oversee every step of sourcing, purchasing, and quality control of hardware so you don’t have to worry about managing your own supply chain.

  • Procurement and management handled by Redapt
  • All hardware shipped to our secure facilities
  • Complete testing of hardware and components
  • Deployment of ready-to-use servers or full racks to your datacenters
Infrastructure Case Study

Cloud migration and system elegance for RepairPal

We helped RepairPal leverage Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to create an architecture that would scale with traffic flow and fluctuations.

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Minimize overhead by using Redapt facilities and specialized teams for the integration process

Avoid the need for highly skilled technical talent and an integration facility by having Redapt handle your system integration.

  • Racking of physical infrastructure
  • Network and Power Cable installation
  • Automated system configuration, component testing, and validation process
  • Quality assurance

Improve internal team efficiency and avoid logistical issues

Avoid unnecessary travel for your IT staff. Our logistics teams will ensure your infrastructure is delivered to your datacenters safely and efficiently. Including:

  • Packaging of your hardware and components
  • Scheduling and tracking
  • Unpacking at datacenter and removal of packaging
  • Delivery to domestic and international locations

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Gain optimal transparency and peace-of-mind with end-to-end project management

Maintain the right level of visibility through regular status updates on your datacenter infrastructure and when it will be ready for production. Our team manages the entire process—from design to delivery—so you can focus on more important matters.


Taking the Leap with On-Premises or Co-Location Datacenters

How and why companies are successfully building and deploying their own infrastructure.

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