The team at Redapt brings you a rare combination of both infrastructure and professional services, including DevOps, cloud adoption and migration. When your company’s goals are pushing your computing capacity requirements to new levels and new geographies, Redapt can help.

Our Infrastructure practice area consists of the following:


Engineering Services

Benefit from our trained and certified engineers to provide implementation and enablement services for our partners’ most complex solutions. We’ll help you assess, automate and optimize. If you aspire to harness the power of DevOps, look no further – our engineers’ experience, along with the latest DevOps tooling and best practices, yields higher efficiency, faster time-to-market, and improved code quality.

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System Integration

Eliminate the hassles of system integration. Redapt will simplify the process for you, deploying your datacenter hardware from design to delivery. Our engineers assist you with product selection, datacenter rack design, project management, configuration automation, customizations, logistics and more. Your multi-vendor solution is delivered to the datacenter of your choice, fully integrated, configured, tested and ready-to-utilize.

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systems integration

Proof-of-Concept Labs

If you’re looking for proof-of-concept testing of container technologies, our high-performance lab enables you to experience and test-drive many open source container platforms and multi-cloud management tools. Redapt cloud engineers assist you in deploying your workloads on bare metal or VMware integrated containers in our lab and across Azure, Google Cloud Platform or AWS. This is your chance to get hands-on with Docker, Tectronic, Rancher, Mesosphere, Qstack, Joyent and more.

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Site Operations

Take the pain out of maintaining and operatin your datacenter infrastructure. The Redapt team can keep your infrastructure running your workloads and your engineers’ eyes on the bigger picture. For organizations running modern applications, the service is flexible, automated, and easily integrated with your operations team. We’ll perform device repairs, process OEM returns, manage inventory, upgrade device firmware and hardware—and even install network, compute, and storage devices.

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