Engineering Services

Deploying complex solutions requires expertise across a broad range of technologies. Do you need expert advice on a project or have an interest in exploring more options? Look no further. We’ve built our reputation by staying ahead of the technology industry and vetting the most promising emerging enterprise technologies. When you partner with Redapt, you get expert guidance in every engagement to keep your company moving ahead and continuously innovating.

Our engineers are trained and certified to provide implementation and enablement services for our partner’s most complex solutions. Work with us the ensure you select the right technology and a successful implementation.

Engineering Expertise


Big Data & Analytics

When it comes to Big Data & Analytics systems, we know the technologies out there and understand the nuances of each. We pass that expertise on to you, so you can be as informed as possible when choosing your technology stack. Once we identify an ideal solution, we build a production-ready environment, based on proven reference architectures.


Data Storage Systems

Our storage engineering team has seen it all. Even better, our team is continually solving complex data storage problems. If your business is facing performance issues or is looking to reduce associated costs significantly, Redapt can help. Our team draws from vast experience and volumes of partner portfolios to select the best technology that will optimize your application performance while holding you below budget.


Network Engineering

Redapt provides network engineering and integration services for some of the largest service provider and hyper-scale companies in the world. Our wealth of experience across a wide variety of solutions can increase your network performance and functions to new levels. If you are deploying at hyper-scale, exploring SDN, or solving performance bottlenecks, our partner-certified engineers can help.


Architecture Design & Optimization

Compute, Network, Data Storage, and Security. We know how to bring these components together and architect them to perform exceptionally well. But we don’t stop there – as your workloads stabilize, there’s optimization work to be done to get the best possible value from your investment. Redapt’s engineering experts will quickly guide you through your architecture and design process with confidence so you can move beyond the whiteboard towards innovation.

DevOps Tools Expertise

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