PoC Lab

Everything you need for running containers in production

When it comes to proof-of-concept testing of containers, you can try them out at our lab to help make informed decisions faster. You can experience the newest and up-and-coming open-source container platforms and multi-cloud management tools. With the aide of Redapt cloud engineers, you can deploy your workloads on bare metal, or VMware-integrated containers in our lab and across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Schedule lab access today to kick the tires on DockerTectonicRancherMesosphereQstackJoyent, and more.

Don’t have a containerized app?  We’ve got you covered.  Our Cloud Engineers can do that for you.

Why do a PoC on the Redapt container lab?

  • Leverage our workload-ready lab today

  • Benefit from the Equinix Cloud Exchange that enables multi-cloud

  • Reduce evaluation time to days instead of weeks or months

  • Deploy using best practices and documented references

  • Trust our scalable architecture design with successful implementation

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