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Quickly Deploy Datacenter Racks At Scale. Globally.


Datacenter infrastructure is the foundation upon which you innovate and deliver core services. Should you be investing valuable resources to deploy that infrastructure? At Redapt, we have mastered the system integration process, which allows our customers' engineering talent to innovate in areas that provide considerably more business value.

Some of the most innovative and disruptive companies on the planet rely on our system integration services. When your success is pushing the limits of your data center capacity to new levels and geographies, Redapt can help at any scale.

More specifically, we simplify the entire process of deploying data center hardware from design to delivery. Our engineers assist with product selection, data center rack design, project management, configuration automation, customizations, logistics and more. Your multi-vendor solution is delivered to the data center of your choice, fully integrated, configured, tested and ready-to-utilize.

Our system integration process

1. Solution Design

Our engineers and your engineers work together to build an extensively detailed design specification. The collaborative process defines server configurations, network devices, elevations diagrams, network port mappings and more. Our engineers will guide you through all the variables to build a prescriptive bill of materials and data center rack blueprint.

2. Source and Procure

Once solution designs are finalized, the product management team goes to work. We’ve invested years cultivating our partner relationships to get the best possible cost and lead time – with world-class support. Best of all, we manage every aspect and keep you up to speed at every step of the way.

3. Build

With the materials onsite, our integration team performs all the work, so you don’t have to. We rack, cable, label, and customize every data center rack to your design specifications. You’ll have no need to dedicate warehouse space or engineers to the task. Handling logistics and labor to perform your own integrations is no longer an issue.

4. Configure, Test & Validate

Redapt’s FORGE tool automates system configuration, component testing, and solution validation processes to ensure accuracy and consistency in every rack integration. We also collect the data used to streamline provisioning your processes. Any failed components are replaced immediately at our facility – resulting in ready-to-deploy racks and a lot of saved time for your team.

5. Deliver & Deploy

Once the integration is complete, we transport the turnkey data center racks to the location of your choice. Simply roll them into place, connect power and network and the systems are ready to provide value within minutes of arrival.

from order to delivery

Project Management

Scheduling. Vendor management. Logistics. With Redapt system integration services, those challenges are handled by our team. Every engagement includes project management from start to finish. We keep you updated on vendor lead times, work order status, and delivery dates in real time so that you can focus efforts on more important matters.

Quality Assurance

We’re obsessed with delivering ready-to-utilize data center infrastructure. That’s why our end-to-end quality control process has hundreds of checkpoints throughout the production process. Each milestone ensures our fully integrated data center racks live up to our standards and reputation.


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