The Redapt approach

We believe in providing an all-encompassing public cloud implementation framework. We will:

  • Assess your cloud needs
  • Give you an adoption framework
  • Navigate cloud migration challenges
  • Implement best practices to get you on the cloud

Core services

Redapt can help your organization find the right public cloud services and ensure the marrying of your needs and the public cloud occurs in an efficient and secure way.

  • Cloud maturity framework assessment

    to determine the capacity and technology best suited for your organization.

  • Cloud architecture recommendation

    so you can assess for yourself which services will most benefit your organization.

  • Migration challenge navigation

    so the transition to the public cloud won't lead to disruptions or downtime.

  • Best practices implementation

    to address security, compliance, and governance.

Success Story

Taking RepairPal to Google Cloud

When the innovative car care company wanted to begin using the Google Cloud Platform, they partnered with Redapt to make their migration a smooth one.

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Additional resources

Learn more about what Redapt’s public cloud implementation services can do for you.


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Into The Blue: How to Succeed in Your Path to the Cloud With Microsoft Azure

This whitepaper walks you through every step of moving your applications and data from an on-premises datacenter to the Azure cloud platform.

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