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Managing at Scale with Google Anthos

By Vishnu Arunachalam, CTO | Posted on May 12, 2020 | Posted in Featured, Google Anthos

A growing number of organizations are adopting Kubernetes because of its ability to effectively manage containers, deploy new applications rapidly and repeatedly, and accelerate speed to market.

As popular as it is, however, it’s not without its own challenges—especially for large-scale development environments.

Once development clusters grow into the hundreds, managing each one individually can become a logistical nightmare.

That’s where Google Anthos can help.

Designed with native Kubernetes support, Anthos allows you to:

  • Deploy Kubernetes on your own hardware
  • Manage clusters on-premises and across multiple clouds
  • Monitor workloads with single pane of glass visibility

For a deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of Anthos, check out this “Tech We Like” blog post. For now, let’s dive into why we so often recommend the platform.

Management at scale

Put simply, Kubernetes excels at managing containers. The problem is, once an enterprise graduates from 5-10 Kubernetes clusters to hundreds, managing data, deployment, and updating all those can become a very real problem.

Anthos has been developed to address this problem by providing the aforementioned single pane of glass visibility for managing a large number of Kubernetes clusters via the GCP Cloud Dashboard.

More importantly, users are able to conduct this management regardless of where they currently have Kubernetes at work—on-premises, in the hybrid cloud, or across multiple cloud providers.


This environmental adaptability gives enterprises a much greater degree of flexibility in how they work.

Enterprises are able to use Kubernetes on hardware they’ve already invested in, developers can work where they’re most comfortable, and enterprises with specific security and governance can utilize Kubernetes on-premises.

Putting Anthos to work

While Anthos has been developed to be as turnkey as possible, implementing its usage is not as simple as plug and play.

That’s where Redapt can help.

Whether you’re looking to expand your on-premises datacenter or spread your Kubernetes workloads across multiple clouds, our infrastructure and high cloud capabilities can tune Anthos to meet your unique needs.

This will alleviate any potential installation issues you might have. It will also put you in a position to hit the ground running, once Anthos has been implemented, because we can solve operational issues and handle fine-tuning of the platform in our own lab facility.

To learn more about our offerings around Anthos, or any of your Kubernetes implementation needs, contact one of our experts today.