The Redapt approach

Migrating to cloud native apps doesn’t need to be disruptive to your business. We can guide you through:

  • Cloud Native App Development
  • App Modernization
  • Compliance & Security

Core services

Redapt can partner with your organization to develop cloud native apps and ensure your legacy apps are refactored successfully.

  • Cloud native app development

    to help your organization have all the tools they need in the cloud.

  • App code assessment

    to see which of your current apps will work in the cloud.

  • Migration optimization

    so your organization can quickly enjoy the benefits of the cloud.

  • HIPPA, HITRUST, GDPR & PCI compliance

    to ensure your applications make it to the cloud in a safe and secure way.

Success Story

Erasing Technical Debt for a Major Dot Com

When a well-established dot com recognized it was falling behind competitors entering the market, it partnered with Redapt to revolutionize the way it developed products.

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Additional resources

Learn more about what Redapt’s cloud native apps services can do for you.



The Redapt Technical Maturity Framework

Ensuring you have the right infrastructure in place takes time and research. Most of all, it takes a deep understanding of the tech you’re already using. Learn how our framework can help you cut through the clutter so you can move forward with implementing the right solutions for your company.


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