Cloud Services

Developing a cloud strategy, moving applications to the cloud, and adopting the latest development processes is easier said than done. Whether your journey is just getting started or you simply want to accelerate your cloud adoption efforts, the Redapt team is here to help. Our cloud advisory experts will build solutions that accelerate innovation, provide more business agility, and deliver cost efficiencies.

Our Cloud Services practice area includes the following:

Advanced Analytics

In today’s world, intelligent data is an important competitive advantage. Redapt-designed business intelligence solutions empower your company to easily collect, analyze, and learn from your data. Through solutions that surface descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive data, your company gains actionable insights that become the baseline of your success.

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Application Modernization

Your company’s digital transformation requires modernizing your business-critical applications. Now’s your opportunity to disrupt your industry and engage with customers, partners and even suppliers in more meaningful ways. Redapt aligns your application to strategic opportunities by modernizing how you interact with people in your day-to-day business.

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Modern Datacenter

Leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud through a modern datacenter that is capable of transforming as your needs change over time. Redapt Modern Datacenter gives your organization powerful opportunities to advance capabilities, to drive continued innovation and growth. You can increase cost savings and scalability alongside uptime, data security, and disaster recovery.

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The transition to DevOps represents a significant change for most people. Our DevOps strategy consulting accelerates your transformation with best practices and a plan tailored to your company. Redapt will help you visualize your IT organization structure, identify skillset gaps, select tools, and map your end-to-end processes—giving you clear goals and a roadmap to achieve them.

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Managed Services

Digital transformation is often more complicated than it sounds. Controlling consumption, re-architecting your business, transforming IT processes—all require significant cloud expertise. Redapt Managed Services partner with you to ensure your cloud investment satisfies your vision, goals and challenges, giving you a cloud roadmap that harnesses the potential of your IT.

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