Accelerate deep-learning innovation with NVIDIA technology

There is no question that AI can provide significant results to the data-driven business.

The question is, what would you like AI to do for you?

Unmatched AI Expertise

Redapt experts understand the potential of AI technology and the challenges you face in yielding value. In most AI initiatives, we work with you to establish the foundational infrastructure and data practices necessary for project success. We have the talent to run an AI initiative as a project or work with your team elbow-to-elbow while transferring knowledge.

Our AI team consists of data engineers to prepare data sets, data scientists to discover insights, and software engineers to develop those insights into applications. We work the way you work while accelerating the realization of valuable insights through the application of AI.

Accelerated Performance

AI innovation and insight depend on computing performance. When it comes to deep learning technologies, Redapt partners with NVIDIA and recommends the NVIDIA DGX family of GPU-powered supercomputers. They are proven to provide the fastest path to productivity with unparalleled performance. NVIDIA DGX solutions arrive ready to use to give you fast, valuable insights in the cloud or on premises.

Whatever your challenge, Redapt has the technical talent, expertise, and GPU solution to accelerate useful results through the application of AI technologies. If you’re ready to accelerate an AI Initiative or see how NVIDIA solutions enable the fastest path to gaining insights, let’s talk.

DGX infographic

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