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As a Microsoft Gold partner, we help enterprises accelerate business growth through the navigation and adoption of the powerful cloud computing capabilities of Microsoft Azure. 

A trusted
Microsoft partner

Redapt has a long history of guiding large and small enterprises through the adoption of Azure and its advanced technology services.

With thousands of projects carried through to completion, our expert team brings the right experience and skills to accelerate your cloud initiatives.

Whether you are looking to begin your cloud migration, optimize your applications, increase security, or advance your data & analytics capability, Redapt offers a clear path to help you get the most out of your Microsoft Azure investment.

Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud Migration

Safely migrate and efficiently operate your environments in Microsoft Azure, utilizing future-ready services and technologies to help your enterprise successfully navigate its business challenges.

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Advanced Data & Analytics

Increase revenue and lower costs with the advanced analytics and AI solutions of Azure. Our data experts help enterprises analyze massive amounts of data in real time to gain valuable insights and make better business decisions. 

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DevOps Enablement

To innovate faster than competitors and enable continuous delivery, Redapt's Azure DevOps experts enable enterprises to streamline the application build, test, and deploy process 

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Application Modernization

Utilizing the open and flexible Azure platform, Redapt helps enterprises build, optimize, and cloud-scale applications to achieve greater reliability and accelerate time to market.

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Security & Governance

Security and control of your cloud environment is critical. At Redapt, we help enterprises migrate to Azure with confidence, ensuring governance and security policies are satisfied. 

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Multi-Cloud Operations

Focus your efforts on innovation and core business goals, while Redapt's Azure-certified managed services experts safeguard your cloud environment. From digital transformation strategies to cost monitoring and day-to-day operations, Redapt maintains while you innovate.

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Service Packages


Azure Foundations Assessment

With real-time performance data, we assess cloud readiness, identify and prioritize Azure-ready workloads, and provide cost-consumption estimates. 


Azure Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Adopt the cloud to leverage best-in-class solutions to spur innovation and maximize your investment potential.


Azure Migration

Make a seamless and secure migration to Microsoft Azure


Cost Control Program

Appropriately leverage your Azure investment with guidance on governance, post-migration optimization, and cost control approaches.


Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Accelerator

Get a personalized roadmap for your containerization strategy using Kubernetes orchestration and other cloud-native tools.

Advanced Analytics

Rapid Data Platform Modernization

Begin to unlock the value within your data. With Redapt services, your enterprise can gain insights from a modern data platform in just 30 days. 


.NET and Cosmos DB Modernization Quickstart

Redapt’s 4-week, .NET and Cosmos DB Modernization Quickstart combines strategy, process, and technical expertise to meet today’s most pressing business transformation challenges.


Azure Web Application Modernization

Whether you’re just starting your journey to the cloud or are looking to modernize additional applications for your cloud environment, Redapt can help.


Azure Virtual Desktop

Securely deliver Windows desktops and applications on any device with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Your Microsoft MDC Journey with Redapt

Success Stories

How a Luxury Resort Brand Improved Customer Experience by Taking Control of Its Data

Learn how Redapt helped Vail Resorts develop a data-driven roadmap to enhance their customer experience.

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Major Restaurant Group Automates to Gain Efficiencies

Learn how Redapt worked with a major restaurant group to quickly cleanse and analyze data using Redapt's Rapid Data Platform Modernization program

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An Accelerated Path to the Cloud

Learn how Redapt helped the American Cancer Society migrate to Azure on a tight timeline.

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Move Your Business into the Cloud the Smart Way

In the whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • How to plan your journey to the cloud so you’re set up to succeed before your migration even begins.
  • How to make your migration to the cloud in an effective, efficient, and secure way.
  • Which technologies play well with Azure so you can get the most out of your new workspace in the cloud.

If you’re thinking about migrating your business to the cloud, our latest whitepaper is a must-read.

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